Online Giving How-To

NOW you can make a monetary gift to Ascension Lutheran Church through Online Giving.
Gifts can be modified or cancelled at any time, and the process is private and secure.

CLICK HERE to start giving now or continue reading for more information and directions.

Stop writing checks or looking for cash each week! Just sign in and set a recurring weekly or monthly gift!

Ascension is charged about 3% for credit card transactions, and about 1% to debit your checking or savings account, so we encourage givers to check the box to add 3% to your gifts to cover the cost of processing.

See below for complete instructions.

For more  information, or if you have any issues with Online Giving,  feel free to contact Steve Krieger at

For desktop browsers

Go to and select "online giving"

For mobile browsers

Click on the menu "hamburger" in the upper left and then select "online giving"

How to register

Next, click on the Sign In tab

Where you can register for a new account

Complete the required information, including your giving envelope number if you know it, then set your password, and click Register

Making a donation

Now you can click on the Give Now tab and make your first online donation!

Select the fund type (General Budget or Building/Mortgage) and enter a dollar amount. Then select whether you want to use a credit card or bankcard for your transactions.

Setting the source of your donation

Enter your credit card or checking/savings information, and please consider checking the box to add 3% to each gift, to defray the transaction fees charged to Ascension.

Recurring Gifts

Once you enter a donation amount, a section opens up that permits you to set a recurring donation. You can automatically donate weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. You may also enter the number of recurring donations you wish to make. These options can be modified at any time by you.

That's all there is to it!

CLICK HERE to start giving now!

Please direct any questions to Steve Krieger at

Giving online is a secure, confidential way to contribute to your church and community.

We know you have a choice where you give the resources God has entrusted to you, so we want to thank you for giving to Ascension Lutheran Church. Each dollar you give helps fulfill the mission and vision God calls us to in reaching people for Christ.

God bless,

Pastor Ken